Gross regional product (2016) 11.2 billion USD

Fixed investment (2017) 2.4 billion USD (9 month 2018) 625,3 million USD

Export activities (2017) 1 billion USD (9 month 2018 ) 834 million USD

The number of small and medium business entities — 115.9 thousand

Stavropol Krai investment portfolio: 250 investment projects, 4 billion USD of total cost, 19.5 thousand jobs created

317 open investment sites, with a total area of 4.9 thousand ha

12 regional industrial parks, the residents of which plan to create 4 thousand jobs; planned investment amount is 1.4 billion USD

24 investment agreements concluded, with a total cost of 1.1 billion USD

According to the “Expert RA” ranking, Stavropol Krai holds the 24th place among all Russian regions in terms of investment potential in 2017

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